Thursday, November 10, 2016

AT&T Starts New Home Automation Service: Digital Life

AT&T starts new service in major states

AT&T opens up the month by implementing new deals and promotions for its new home security and automation service available at any AT&T store.

Unlike other home security systems. Digital Life is grasping a whole new market.The concept is looking into a new market: Smart-Homes.

This exciting new service features a number of customization including door packages, camera packages, light packages and even water control packages.

                                                                                    Digital Life not only allows the home owners to feel safe with 24/7 monitoring and  professional security features, it enhances the home experience by controlling doors, lights, and even water with the touch of their phone, tablet and computer devices. The app and the online portal are both organized and intuitive. So controlling your home is a breeze.

Digital Life starts at $39.99/month with just the security features and $54.99 with the home automation.

Purchase it now and pay only .99 for the equipment fees!

For more information, Contact the closest AT&T dealer with your questions and inquires.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Darn Ads on Facebook are getting me good.

Oh, how times have changed from the days where ads were only prevalent in newspapers and magazines. Now its on my Facebook page. This ad in particular is something that I myself have went out and bought. They call it the UE Boom; a waterproof, yet portable speaker that can connect to multiple speakers within 30 feet of each other.

What makes this ad stand out for me is the fact that I am already familiar with the Boom. I already own the MEGABOOM, which has 20 hours of battery life by the way. Now, the UE BOOM 2 is here! and it can connect to more than one speaker at once! Of course, this ad is appealing to teens to young adults that are living an active lifestyle that want to listen to music in any condition. A speaker that can keep up with your lifestyle.

Upon clicking onto the link sends you to their website. Additionally, the website plays a 15 second video of young teens jumping up and down with the "Boom's" in their hands. It ends with a hashtag "#partyup". As we scroll down we have a button in which where we can buy 1-10 pack, the more you buy the greater the discount.

The ad was simple, and the website was also very simple. It seems simplicity is something that is a must for a successful company such as logitech.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Marketing Case Study

Samsung have made a big name for themselves here the the United States with its high quality and  highly diverse array of products such as TV's, washers, dryers, laptops, and of course, phones. Speaking about phones, Samsung was aiming to top its already top selling phone, the Samsung Galaxy 7 edge (sold 13.3 million units according to Geekygadgets). However, Samsung has undergone some major setbacks on its new flagship phone: the Note 7 that undermined their value proposition: quality that is reliable, fully featured. Samsung has become a brand that people trust when they look for a product to be the highest end in technology and features. However, due to allegations of the new phone blowing up, they have really tainted that trust in people. 

Soon after the launch of the Note 7 in August, users were reporting problems with their phones spontaneously catching fire. Samsung said that it was due to faulty batteries that were bought in China that was the cause.  Last month, the major carriers set a huge recalling of the phones. Consumers thinking thought that would solve the problem. Nevertheless, more reports and videos of the phones blowing up have surfaced; causing a major distrust among consumers towards the brand. That of which included an American consumer reporting that his new Note 7 just started smoking without it being plugged in. Additionally, Southwest Airlines had to cancel a flight due to a replaced Note 7 catching fire.  

To make matters worse, the three major carriers within the United States--Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile have stopped replacing phones all together with a plan to stop distributing potentially dangerous devices. Furthermore, all carriers are encouraging people to trade in the phone for a phone that isn't as risky. 

Just today, Samsung tells their users to turn off their phones due to their faulty devices. It went so much that on the Samsung have told consumers to turn off their phones all together and get a different device all-together. 

Samsung's stock throughout this ordeal has also taken a hit. The company's stock has plummeted more than 5%. 

It feels like Samsung were too eager to get their flagship off before their biggest competitor: Apple. By releasing it a whole two months before Apples flagship: the iPhone 7 plus, Samsung have dug themselves into a huge ditch in which will have to do tremendous repair, before getting back on their feet. 

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6 Traits That Make Millennials the Best Social Entrepreneurs

Millennials have had a bad rap over the past years. It seems that the social norms of millennials are uninspired and inattentive to those around them. When it comes to paying attention, it's to their phones or staying on social media all day; so the stereotypes say. Why wouldn't millennials be the future's hope for new innovation? I mean, they have the most tools to be the most educated in any generation, and they are already exposed and adapted to learn new technology in a flash.

In Jason Haber's article, it distinguishes the social stereotypes that society has seen in the Millennials. That they are ruining our future for their lack of ambition and drive; to a more hopeful/realistic idea of the future. In the article, he describes the traits that Millennials have either mastered  or have been exposed to certain things whether they know it or not.

The idea of collaboration for example; is a great observation that only Millennials have an advantage in.  Millennials have been exposed to the most equal playing ground are open to learn and collaborate with more people of different ethnicity and age groups.

Another great advantage for them is the fact that they grew up with the internet! Believe it or not, ther was a time where people had to wait hours and hours to load up a Youtube video. Nowadays, google have become a huge resource for searching articles and other scholar websites. They have Wikapedia to get ideas for their projects. They have tutors that can just talk to you through chat when you're stuck on something!

I truly believe that this article is on to something. Millennials are the best pathway for new innovation in the market nowadays.

Article: 6 Traits That Make Millennials the Best Social Entrepreneurs

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Monday Night Football Decline Due to Twitter

Hayes Pullard #52 of the Jacksonville Jaguars Dante Fowler #56 raise their fists in protest during the singing of the national anthem before the game against the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images). Courtesy of

With the football season gone underway, the National Football League (NFL) have already experience some major problems within their ratings. According to, protests from the ever-growing racial justice movement: Black Lives Matter. Consequently, certain players are kneeling through the National Anthem. To further spread the word, the people have went to social media with the hashtag: #Blacklivesmatter has skyrocketed on Twitter. However, there are people who are trying to counteract the protests happening with the NFL with another hashtag: #BoycottNFL.

3 Things People Are Saying
Although the players are taking a stand for their beliefs. Their are a number of people that are insulted by the lack of respect towards the National Anthem. These people feel like the lack of the NFL's assertiveness to ban kneeling has become a part of the problem rather than the solution. It seems like the NFL estimated that the situation would fade away soon. However, the fact that President Obama has acknowledged and supported Collin Kaepernick (the first NFL protester during the preseason) helped gain traction to their cause.

Other people are commenting on how NFL is being "arrogant" for not acknowledging what is going on to their multi-millionaire corporation. According to Profootballweekly, it is stated that the NFL should be concerned if the problem persists but at the moment they are pointing at other factors like the match-ups or the slow start of the season big teams; the leading cause of the reduction of ratings.

Lastly, one of the top tweets was an article based off a survey. According to, a recent poll have stated that Americans are turning off the NFL games for supporting the Black lives matter movement/protest. Unfortunately, it does involve around the race of the those that are taking the survey that impacts the survey's percentage outcome.

Value Proposition
In 1920, the APFC (Amercian Professional Football Conference). That was the beginning of the NFL. Ever since then, the NFL has become not only a brand of football, but it has become an American icon around the world. Making it the most profitable league within the United States. Upon doing so, the NFL has grown; by having more secure health provisions and safety regulations, the NFL stands to be a highly profitable organization. Furthermore, just last year one of the most powerful chiefs in the NFL made a huge jump into the 21st century by making a Youtube page, Instagram page, Facebook page, and Twitter page to respond to how people are viewing media now.

What I Would Do
If it were up to me, I would acknowledge the situation to keep my customers (viewers) at ease. Although, I do agree with freedom of speech and how the players are expressing it. Nevertheless, in a business standpoint, it is extremely scary when your employers are doing something that would affect my company. In a sense the NFL should have regulations towards their players because its affecting their business.

Football Twitter
Forbes article

Sunday, October 2, 2016


.Peace, Love, and Ice-cream.

  • What prompted you to enroll in this course?

I absolutely love marketing. Not only do I feel like I would be good at it. I would like to make it my career with marketing as an essential player within my day to day life. Marketing is a way of life in sorts, if you want to be successful, you have to know how to sell your product. I am here to hone those skills and learn how to do it as efficiently as possible.
  • Are you a business/marketing major?

I started as a pre-pharmacy provisioned student. However, I found out that the science classes that I was taking did not resonate to me as well as I hoped. Nevertheless, after getting my butt off the couch and getting tired of being broke all the time, I decided to get a job. My first job was at a Thai Restaurant. As horrible as it was, it taught me that I was good at talking (my mom knows). I decided to change my degree to Business and I've never looked back!

  • What are you most interested in learning about marketing?

I am interested in the modern marketing. Social Media is a huge outlet for marketing nowadays. I want to venture into that so I can learn the ways and ends of how to sell something in the modern market.
  • Tell us something you are passionate about outside of college.

Last winter my girlfriend and I went to New York. That was the first time ever that I have ever traveled out of the west coast. Even though it was within the states, I was astonished how different it was! The culture seemed like it was from a different country. After that, we caught the travel bug and have started our journey to keep our minds open; and travel. This last summer we ventured even further and ended up in South Korea! Everything I believe in, my philosophy of being open minded and discovering new cultures and foods; I found out came from traveling. I love it!

MARKETING IN THE NEWS! - How to Be Worth $2 million!

Bear Mattress founder: Scott Paladini. Taken from    (Credit: Elaine Pofeldt)

One of the main reasons why one would want to get off of their couch is money. But what if you didn't have to get off your couch and still made the big bucks? Scott Paladini, a college graduate from Colby College with a bachelor of Arts and Economics; is among one of the successful entrepreneurs within America. In fact, he has been such a success, that he created a $2-million business in a short period of a year! Oh, did I mention that he did it all by himself?

Growing up, Scott Paladini grew up very familiar with mattresses. Paladini's father, William, ran a chain of mattress stores by the name of Rockaway bedding in NJ. However, Scott took his knowledge of the industry and modernized for success in the market today. In 2014, Paladini was playing around with the idea of marketing beds on the internet. However, he needed to figure out how to make a bed that was light enough in order for them to be ship-able. Thus, the final product would be made from a polyurethane material that can be compressed and shipped inexpensively; its also known as memory foam.

By working by himself, Scott was able to keep his costs low. All the marketing consisted of all online sites. Additionally, with a killer return policy and adequate attention to his customers,\ (added a customer service call center on his website.), His business has sky-rocketed further than even his expectations!

Reading articles like this most definitely steams my ambition and drive with the notion that anything is possible if you work hard for it. I enjoy reading these articles. Where a person has an idea and turns it into something that can be successful within the market today. It is most definitely an inspiring story and one that I feel can be reached by normal people like me.

Article: Forbes Article
Website: Bear Mattress Website
Facebook: Bear Mattress' Facebook Page