Thursday, November 10, 2016

AT&T Starts New Home Automation Service: Digital Life

AT&T starts new service in major states

AT&T opens up the month by implementing new deals and promotions for its new home security and automation service available at any AT&T store.

Unlike other home security systems. Digital Life is grasping a whole new market.The concept is looking into a new market: Smart-Homes.

This exciting new service features a number of customization including door packages, camera packages, light packages and even water control packages.

                                                                                    Digital Life not only allows the home owners to feel safe with 24/7 monitoring and  professional security features, it enhances the home experience by controlling doors, lights, and even water with the touch of their phone, tablet and computer devices. The app and the online portal are both organized and intuitive. So controlling your home is a breeze.

Digital Life starts at $39.99/month with just the security features and $54.99 with the home automation.

Purchase it now and pay only .99 for the equipment fees!

For more information, Contact the closest AT&T dealer with your questions and inquires.

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